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Bloomsbury Sq :: Modern Folk Beauty


Bloomsbury Sq is a vegan skincare line inspired by African Diaspora herbalism and healing. With all natural botanicals sourced from Savannah to Senegal.

For 2018 Afropunk Brooklyn we'd love to bring back our line of pure and affordable skincare. Priced from $10 - $45 per unit.  Including soaps, balms, face washes, masks, serums, toners, brand makeup pouches, microfiber exfoliating cloths, mask facial brushes.


 With full-size and festival size products


Festival Bundle Specials


Photo-poppin Booth Set-up


Shoppable Merchandising


Informed and customer-centered staff


Soulful haven experience


Welcoming festival goers of all ages


Interactive sample stations




2018 Visual Theme : Jardin Fluo


Mood Inspo



::::: NOTE :::::

We are in the process of changing the company name to Pholk Beauty. The products will stay the same and in early Summer we will work with influencers to spread the word. Here is a sneak peak of the logo to get a feel for the new branding:

Let me know if you have any questions about the rebrand via email or DM me on IG/@bloomsbury_sq