Connect with Niambi and our staff of Bloomistas at Markets, PopUps and Community Events in Northern NJ/NYC Area


May 15th
The Good Festival Artisan Market

Local Roots Good Festival


Bloomsbury Sq is delighted to bring our plant-based skincare to this inspiring gathering of people interested in strengthening our cities' ties with local farmers.

Full conference details and registration at the Local Roots NYC



May 18th
The Impactful PopUp 6:30-8:30, Bloomsbury Sq Shop

A Free Workshop + Networking Social 
Learn how Pop Ups Can Create Long-term Good for Our Businesses and Our City
Guest Speakers: Eric Ho, pop-up specialist and founder of miLES, Manhattan
                            Erica Dorn, Managing Director of
Organized in partnership with the Mayor's Office of Innovation and
Light Refreshments by our 942 Co-op storemate, Choc-o-Pain Bakery
Location: 942 Co-op, 942 Summit Avenue, Jersey City Heights (cross street Zabriskie)
Cost: Free


May 21st-22nd / 28th-29th
100 Miles PopUp Shop at Artists and Fleas

 Join us at the 100 Miles Shop in Williamsburg the last two weekends of May! Our skincare collection will be featured within a curated collection of goods made within 100 miles of Brooklyn.




June 3rd
JC Friday Event at Bloomsbury Sq Shop, 7-8:30
Mixologie: A Night for the Five Senses
Featuring Works by Visual Artist Issa Bow
Caribbean Soul Jazz by the MBD Trio
Aromatic Oil Blending Station in the B Sq Workshop
Extended Hours at the Choc-o-Pain Bakery & Cafe


June 5th
Bloomsbury Sq at Riverview Farmers Market
Location: Riverview Fisk Park, Palisade Avenue between Griffith St. and Bowers St.


June 11th
Fire: A Chinese Element Workshop with Herbalist/Acupuncturist Erin Kumpf
Location: Bloomsbury Sq Workshop