Care Face Scrub with Moisturizng Palmarosa

Care Face Scrub with Moisturizng Palmarosa

$ 15.00

All Skin Types.

Get your glow on with restorative rose, geranium and palmarosa to essential oils. This water-activated exfoliant contains white and pink kaolin clays to gently lift impurities and refine for a petal-soft skin tone.

Aromatic benefit: Peace, Self-compassion

Directions: Spoon two teaspoons of  powder into cup and mix with 10 drops of water. Massage onto skin for up to one minute to remove dead skin cells. Rinse face  with warm water while mask is still soft. Use 1-2 times weekly.

Ingredients: pink kaolin clay, white kaolin clay, oat powder, palmarosa, rose, and rose geranium essential oils