Quench Face Scrub with Spirulina + Blue Pea Flower

Quench Face Scrub with Spirulina + Blue Pea Flower

$ 15.00

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive, fine lines, hyperpigmentation

NEW FORMULA!  Our new formulation has become an overnight hit! Maybe it's because it gives an instant glow and smoothness to skin. Or maybe because it's light aqua color makes it so much fun to slather onto skin. 

Reveal your natural radiance with collagen-boosting spirulina blue-green algae, magically smoothing blue pea flower and gently exfoliating kaolin clay.

Praised as the "ultimate beauty food for skin" spirulina's chlorophyll, high concentration of B complex vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is a true beauty superfoods.

Directions: Spoon two teaspoons of   powder into cup and mix with 10 drops of water. Massage onto skin for up to one minute to remove dead skin cells. Rinse face/ neck with warm water while mask is still soft. Use 1-2 times weekly

 Ingredients: white kaolin clay, powdered blue pea flower, Hawaiian harvested organic spirulina,  pomegranate oil, oat flour, petitgrain essential oil