Our Story


Bloomsbury Sq takes its name from my favorite urban sanctuary in bustling London. As a student there, I learned how to balance the constant bustle of city life with the simple pleasures of eating a wholesome lunch on a garden bench, getting grounded with a barefoot walk in the grass, or just enjoying the seasons change one bloom at a time.

Although I was far from home, the lush green and exuberant patches of flowers reminded me of the countless afternoons I whiled away plucking fresh fresh fruit and mint sprigs in my grandmother's yard back home in Kentucky. Bliss!

After moving to Paris I continued to work and travel. Wherever I found myself be it in Iran, Egypt, Italy, or my weekly wanderings in Paris, the first thing that I always did was to head to open air markets and ateliers to restore. After living in Europe for 12 years fresh food became my go-to, apothecaries became my pharmacy, and connections with others my calling.

When I moved back to The States I brought back with me a true appreciation for urban gardens. The garden's simple and pure beauty inspires me to bring the luxury of nature to you with wholesome and nutritive oils, decadent butters, and fragrant botanicals. No need for synthetic ingredients, artificial foaming agents, or preservatives. Instead, I delight in making products that let Nature do what it does best: nurture the body and mind.