The Store + Studio

Our skincare is the door that we open to welcome you into our conversation about beauty.

At Bloomsbury Sq, we admire everything that our customers do to create community, to raise wholehearted families, and grow sustainable local economies. Each day in our Jersey City boutique we invite our customers to pull up a stool at my workstation, peek into our in-house studio, and chat.  

Aromatics such as tangerine, sweet basil, fresh ginger, and vanilla waft in from the back studio and set a tone of uplift, calm and ease. It’s a daily delight to see people take time to breathe.

Sometimes we talk about the skin benefits of our all natural ingredients or relish the first whiff of a new essential oil. But often our chats are a catch-up session, a weekly check-in.

These conversations are as important to my process as how I source my ingredients and handcraft each of my goods. I always keep my customers’ busy lifestyles in mind to create products that infuse their daily lives with beauty, health, kindness and ease.